REQUIREMENTS FOR COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS submitted for publication in the collection of scientific papers "Efficiency of Public Administration" (printed edition).

There are accepted for publication author's materials, which inform about new results or investigate original approaches to solving topical scientific problems in the fields of Theory and history of public administration; Ukrainian statehood; Mechanisms of public administration; Economy; Public Service; Local Self-Government; European affairs; Public management.

The article is submitted for publication in the final form, in accordance with the current requirements and the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 32 from January 15, 2018.



problem setting in the concise form and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;

recent research and publications analysis, where there is initiated the consideration and resolution of a particular problem that the author uses in his/her article;

highlighting previously unsettled parts of the general problem, which a particular article is devoted to;

paper main body – the research material with full justification of the results;

conclusions from the researched material and perspectives for further research in this area;


All of the above elements in the text of the article should be in bold.



– it is necessary to reserve the compositional unity of the structure of the article, i.e. do not divide it into sections or subdivisions;

– the language and style of the publication should be purely scientific, using the conceptual apparatus inherent in a certain field of science in the context of public administration;

– rhetorical questions in the construction of sentences should be avoided;

– it is inappropriate to excessively use the citations in the article, only in order to substantiate or supplement one's own statement or reason;

– finish the article with specific conclusions, which set out own results of the study;

– most of the used sources and literature should include the materials published over the last five years; it is advisable to avoid references to educational literature.

The author is responsible for the authenticity of the actual material (statistical data, formulas, drawings, diagrams, tables, dates, citation, proper names, etc.), as well as the presence of plagiarism.



1. UDC code (on the left top).

2. Surname, first name, middle name of the author (in the middle, in bold, without italics).

3. Information about the author: academic rank, degree; position, place of work (without abbreviations); ORCID ( contact phone, e-mail(in the middle, in italics).

3. The title of the article (in the middle, in bold, large transliteration).

4. Abstract in Ukrainian (3 - 4 sentences) (in bold, without italics).

5. Keywords in Ukrainian (6-10 words) (in bold, without italics, through a semicolon).

6. The text of the article (references to the used sources and literature should be made in square brackets according to the sequential references, taking into account the current rules for citations and references in scientific works).

7. The list of used literature is formed by a sequence of the link at the end of the article, indicating a specific page, which contains the information used in the publication. In electronic resources, you must specify the date of the last visit. If the material, the author is linking to, is assigned DOI, then it should be specified after the URL.

The bibliographic description must meet the requirements of DSTU 8302:2015 "Bibliographic link. General Terms and Rules of Composition"(

8. References – transliterated in Latin the List of used literature. For the Ukrainian language links you can use an online transliterator or for Russian language links – or

References should meet the international standard of APA (Americаn Psychological Association Style), to form automatically you may use the following sites:;



1. Texts should be typed in MS Word (version 97 or higher).

2. Font – Times New Roman (Cyr); size of typing - 14; spacing - 1,5; page borders: the left - 30 mm; upper, lower, right - 15 mm.

3. Printing should be carried out in accordance with the rules of computer printing.

4. The scope of the article - not less than 20 thousand characters with intervals (approximately 12 pages) together with tables, diagrams and drawings.

5. Electronic and printed variants of the article must be identical.

6. Figures, tables should be given/drawn qualitatively (scanned are not allowed) with the reference to them in the text.



1. Printed version of the article in two copies, one of which must be certified by the signature of the author, which certifies that the actual material, used in the article, is reliable (should be signed at the bottom of each page).

2. The author's (-s’) application for publication of the article (form). PDF, Word

3. The Review of a Doctor of Sciences (for Candidates of Sciences) or a Candidate of Sciences (for other authors) on the chosen topic about the possibility of publishing submitted materials of the article (doctoral students/postgraduates submit a review of the scientific consultant/supervisor). The review must be certified by the HR department of the institution, where the reviewer works (form). PDF, Word

4. Extract from the minutes of the relevant department meeting on the recommendation of the article to the publication (with obligatory highlighting (for postgraduate students and doctoral students) of the year and form of training (budget, commercial)).

5. Abstract in English (information about the author: Full name (fully, in the middle, in bold); academic rank, degree, position, place of work, ORCID (in the middle, in italics); title of the article (in the middle, in bold, large transliteration); extended abstract (more than 4 thousand characters), compiled in accordance with the requirements established for the preparation of the main text of the article (problem setting, recent research and publications analysis, summary of the paper main body, conclusions), keywords (6-10 words) (in bold, without italics). The text of the abstract should be concise, accurate, informative, and meaningful. Authors are responsible for the quality of compiling abstracts. Example of an abstract

IMPORTANTLY! The text of the Abstract in English must be professionally translated and duly approved (translation agency, authorized persons).

6. The electronic version of the article and Abstract in English (are to be sent in individual files in MS Word), e-mail:

Issues of editions are formed of the articles, which received a positive expert conclusion, are recommended for publication and paid by the authors according to the approved rates.


E-copies of the issues are placed on the website of the National Library of Ukraine named after V.I. Vernadsky http: //, as well as on web pages:; http: // After the publishing of the article, authors are sent an e-mail. At the request of the author, a certificate of acceptance for publication in the Scientometric scientific periodical of the Institute is provided In order to book and purchase a printed copy of a collection of scientific works "Efficiency of Public Administration" call the number - tel. 234-65-63. Articles are submitted to the editorial-and-publishing department and sent by mail to the following address: Ukraine, 79491, Lviv, Briukhovychi, Sukhomlynskyi street, 16, (room 321, 321a), tel: (097) 291-91-11





Requirements for the article in  PDF, Word

Application form in  PDF, Word

Essentials for payment of the article PDF, Word